Santiago Salazar

Smile Now Cry Later ep

Santiago Salazar - Smile Now Cry Later ep

In following up Marcellus Pittman's killer Eastside Story, Seventh Sign waste no time in bringing another red-hot act to the label. A member of the legendary Underground Resistance / Los Hermanos / Galaxy 2 Galaxy crew, Santiago Salazar has also enjoyed success as a member of The Trinity (with Mad Mike Banks and Gerald Mitchell) and more recently as Ican, not to mention his many solo outings. His pedigree is unquestionable; a fact not lost on the many labels that have played host to his music, including Submerge, Planet E, Motech and now Seventh Sign. Santiago's sound is full of soul and warmth and is presented using state of the art production and a rich palette of modern sounds, as this E.P. demonstrates to devastating effect... Hot!

12inch Seventh Sign Recordings: 7SR022 remind