Microthol - Supergravity

'Supergravity', a simultaneously gritty while ambient track of the highest order, recalls not only Drexciya and the Detroit underground in its prime, but the ambient techno hey day of artists like the Black Dog and the inimitable LFO. 'Atlas Detection', with its subsonic rumble and \''pins and needles\'' like synths is music for the dancefloor at the ripest darkest hour. Harnessing noise in the most seductive of ways, it is undeniable in its extraterrestrial appeal. 'Andolit Swaras' displays the minds of minimalist composers, with its striking approach of having its melody lead the narrative it tells- as opposed to dancefloor traditions of rhythmic domination. It is intelligent and dream-like, sublime and filled with reverie, as random as the dreams that one's psyche presents. Lastly, they give us a real bite into a slice of phuture hip hop. Working with Sensational, legendary MC for the Jungle Brothers, they twist hip hop into an acidic downtempo track that hits hard to say the least. Its a dubsteppers dream on some level, but with a crafty psychedlic component that mesmerizes.

12inch Trust: Trust019 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L