En Utvilsom Makt

Engvaal - En Utvilsom Makt

A new Sex Tags Amfibia, who always manages to surprise us again. This time we're proud to present the first black metal record ever on Clone! Very slow, organ based, subtle and unorthodox black metal album by Engvaal from Moss Norway. Rooming its way through six songs, reduced but condensed in sound, En Utvilsom Makt's production and soundscapes draws from mid to late 60s experimental recording and mixing, aiming to create a visual space and room within the music. With a 1890's organ and a 45rpm 10'' LP Engvaal defies the obtention of conventional Black Metal. All records come with a sewed or screen printed patch.

10inch Sex Tags Amfibia: Amfibia012 € 9,99