Stalker ep

SP-X - Stalker ep

Following his release on Peter Van Hoesen’s Time To Express late last year, SP-X drops his third EP for Komisch. Fans of ‘Signal Path Experiments’ and ‘Field Lines Never End’ will not be disappointed as the Brussels-based producer serves up three more slices of uncompromising warehouse techno. Lead track ‘The Escape’ has all the SP-X hallmarks - rock hard beats, thundering claps and a swinging groove that underpins eerie riffs and clanking metallic drums‘Stalker’ reveals a more musical slant to SP-X’s sound. It starts off with unsettling riffs, but soon the rolling drum-led arrangement changes tact and provides the backdrop for a growling chord climax. There is a similar concession on ‘Attack Pattern’; bruising doubled-up drums and that unmistakably snappy SP-X percussion combine with subtle snare rolls to create a peak time arrangement. But once again an insistent chord sequence gives it the edge over functional techno.

12inch Komisch: Komisch11 remind