Peter Van Hoesen, Sendai, Sp-x

61 Center Returning Vol. 2

Peter Van Hoesen, Sendai, Sp-x - 61 Center Returning Vol. 2

Time To Express returns to the center, once again. Number 13 on the label presents old and new on one disk. The A side delivers a brand new track by label founder Peter Van Hoesen. 'Hope In Honesterror' delivers 11 minutes of epic techno. Broad strokes of panned bass rub shoulders with driving percussion, slowly morphing into a tight groove. Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen's collaboration under their Sendai guise is a different beast alltogether. 'Northeast' is intensely claustrophobic, a white noise adrenalin rush pushed forward by a relentless kick drum pattern. Glacial soundscapes struggle in the background to free themselves from all-encompassing compression, resulting in one of the more experimental tracks released on Time To Express so far. The 12 is completed with a remarkable contribution by newcomer SP-X. 'Extract' is build on a minimal set of sonic ingredients, warped and filtered to maximum extend. The result is an inventive, raw and funky roller. This is pure contemporary techno, tried and tested for optimum impact during PVH's DJ sets on various dancefloors worldwide.

12inch Time To Express: T2X013 remind