Galaxy Gust

FAH - Galaxy Gust

Holland’s FAH aka Robin de Bekker enters the scene with this heavy, braindance inspired five tracker. Opener 'Fine Space' is spooky and upbeat with false melodies fighting the track’s ground level acid bubbles. 'Bonus Orbits' starts off as a fast electronic harpsichord cut for a smart dance floor before turning into a hectic swamp of challenging harmonies. 'Sixears' is a shorter track holding the middle ground between a moody Elecktroids tune and hectic, Vibert-like acid. The EP’s title track and centerpiece then, is characterized by rewinds, whistles, haunting melodies and a total lack of repetition; it’s a 9 minute long excursion into the most unreal part of Bekker’s mind. FAH finally says goodbye with an eerie cut that sounds like a humming predator with no food to eat. FAH’s first one for 030303 comes with appropriate, occultist artwork.

12inch 030303: 030EP005 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L