Red Shift EP

Hexagon - Red Shift EP

Having made a name for himself as a heavyweight dub, ambient and techno producer as Conforce, Versalife and Silent Harbour. Now stepping out on his own, the producer delves even deeper into the unknown, into a world of filmic soundscapes, evocative sonic imagery and spacious abstract worlds. Opener Red Shift is ripe with intrigue and mystery, like the intrepid explorations of a spacecraft into the deeply unfamiliar whilst Interference takes us into the bowls of a spaceship where robots seem to be spinning drills, computers bleep under their work load and all the while a thin and occult drone lingers in the background. Fractional Wavelength’ is a nebulous world of more machine mechanics, this time glued together with a rubbery bass boom every so often, before Permutation is the sound of an alien lab in full flow… liquid drips, glassy tinkles and metallic sparks all send your mind into overdrive as you try to fill in a visual picture of this very real sonic world. There will only be 150 copies of this first special packaged release, so be sure to act soon…

12inch Transcendent: TRSD001 remind