Blue Hour EP

Hexagon - Blue Hour EP

Having made a name for himself as a heavyweight ambient, electro and techno producer as Conforce and Versalife, Bunnik is now ready to release his second release on his Transcendent imprint. The label started to expand his musical vision, and is focussing on deep and abstract mental sound excursions, also by future talents from the local scene in Holland. After stepping out of his own on the Red Shift EP, the producer delves even deeper into the unknown, into a world of filmic soundscapes, evocative sonic imagery and spacious abstract worlds. Forever keen to harness his studio technology, Bunnik comes up with a coherent but versatile mini-novel under his Hexagon moniker. Cold, but with a soul shimmering through the carefully crafted synthetic sounds. Beautiful release!!

EP Transcendent: TRSD002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L