Mental Model

Mental Model EP

Mental Model - Mental Model EP

MNTL TRX first release by Mental Model comes on strictly limited handstamped vinyl. Track 1: Delta Waves. We push you into the Delta Conscious State while grooving! Shivering Jupiter pads and a perfect slowly rising squelching 303 pattern riding together on the 909. Kick by kick it's pushing you into the state where magic happends. Track 2: Soul Algorithm. An eleven minutes afterhouer pusher straight recorded from our machines. A perfect tool to decelerate the floor and to push the limits. Track 3: Remission. A swarming repetitive pure acid groove. A wired tool wich we juiced out of our gear just for you. Perfect for abuse on your decks. The remission sets in any moment you want it to. Track 4: Hyperthym. The Tr-909 meets Re-502 missusage garnished with a endless 303 bassline. Is it acid? Is it techno? No! Its just plain pure groove! Trus' us. Decelerate your life!

12inch Mental Trax: MNTLTRX101 remind