Mental Model

Rational Emotive Machine EP

Mental Model - Rational Emotive Machine EP

The Emotiv Rational Machine is in full effect and gives the unnesessary things no attention and focussing only on its own distinct goal, which is to make you dance. No fancy melodys, which are distracting you from being one with the bass and the 4 to the floor. No distraction from overloaded ego spilled arrangements. No tellin you who is the ****! You know that talk from your favorite blog. Let the maschine do the work. Ganser Syndrom; A 808 and a handfull fx with a growling synth that sees no high frequencies, maybe a little bit here and there. The melodys of live are gone! Vitamin B12; We give you a boost! Your brain won't be dissapointed with fantasizing on what to do next on the floor. Prodromal; It's a 909 groove and that's it! It's a conclusion of many circumstances that many love that sound of this machine... Even we do.. Hell yeah!!! Everybody needs a 909! Obession; It's an obession to go out at the weekend and move like freak on the floor in your favorite club.. Let him out!

12inch Mental Trax: MNTLTRX102 remind