Jam City

Club Constructions Vol. 6

Jam City - Club Constructions Vol. 6

It's Jam City's turn to deliver a batch of sweaty, streamlined dancefloor weapons on the 6th installment of the Club Constructions series. The minimalism and intensity of Jersey Club music remains a huge influence on the whole Night Slugs camp, and while Jersey's impact can be felt across the CC series, Jam City channels those devastating ghostly kick drums like none other. Continuing on from where he left off with club favourites ''The Courts'' the ''How We Relate To The Body'', Jam drops 5 lean and intense drum workouts build from scrap metal and primed for warehouse use. They move between thudding midrange persistence and just-sub-and-air minimalism, framed by jammed drum machine rhythms and splashes of re-sampled colour. Jam decorates these sturdy and well-deployed undercarriages with silvery detail, percussion fragments, broken talkboxes, whispered vox and simple, beautiful chords.

12inch Night Slugs: NSCC006 remind