Life Well Lived

Brownstudy - Life Well Lived

"From the often indistinct morass of modern hip-hop comes something so singular as to merit special attention" wrote The Guardian about: Brownstudy's "Tell Me More About Bubble" album, released on Third Ear in 2005. "A most soulfully cerebral volume of no-pose wisdom. Mojo wrote, musically: Brownstudy evokes the clammy, distressed soul of Sly Stone's 'Riot', and the lush visions of 4 Hero". Life Well Lived is Brownstudy's new album. 11 songs (9 lyrical flows and 2 intrumentals). Jason: 'Brownstudy' (don't ignore the :colon) Hogans has always been up for telling it how it is and and how he thinks it should be, and this is where his real talent lies. Yes, his beats and grooves are truly original, and his sounds are unusual and endearing. But it is his words and his delivery that marks: Brownstudy out. Nobody tells it how it is and how it should be quite like: Brownstudy. "I'm spanking protocol" he says. Eloquent and self deprecating, shot through with insight and humour. Charismatic and critical.. and self critical. There is not a lot not to like about: Brownstudy and Jason Hogans. There is nothing else like: Brownstudy.

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