Louis Guilliaume

On The Grid

Louis Guilliaume - On The Grid

100% techno jack banger. Louis Guilliaume returns on Syncom Data Records with On The Grid: three trax for stompin' dancefloor bliss. The title track takes it to the streets and delivers pure Chicago jack. The claps, the rim, the hihats, the sirens and the infectious bassline roll on until the trademark Guilliaume synth stabs kick in to lift everything to the next level. Private Escorts: the title says it all. It's a bit trashy, but in a good way. Teutonic robotfunk. On the b-side Guilliaume takes it a level deeper. Way Out creates a techno vision of funky machines moving along in a desolate landscape, fueled by Jamaican rum punch... Louis Guilliaume delivers with On The Grid his techno message: strongly rooted on the dancefloor, but with his eyes on a far away horizon.

12inch SD Records: SD26 € 7,99