Porn Sword Tobacco & SVN


Porn Sword Tobacco & SVN  - Complaints

SVN is one of the most important figures on the German electronic music scene right now. His productions for labels like Acido, Sued and Atelier among others are always providing a fresh breeze to our sour ears. This time he for the first time joins forces with Swedish poetic mastermind and musician Henrik Jonsson aka Porn Sworn Tobacco and the result are two outstanding techno jams. Complaints A is the kind of techno that aims for the soul. Its dense hypnotic rhythms runs below airy, bittersweet pads that slowly moves under your skin and lifts you up. The b-side continues in the same vein, but this time the beat is harder and the pads are replaced by a mosquito sounding synth figure bringing early Robert Hood minimalism to mind. Sublime! Recorded at Neues Deutschland studio, the home base of most things good.

12inch Kontra Musik: KM034 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L