Why Sheep?

Radiation ep

Why Sheep? - Radiation ep

Japanese electronic musician and sound sculptor Gaku Uchida, aka Why Sheep? returns after over 10 years with the Radiation ep, a taste of his forthcoming album Real Times. The Radiation ep is Why Sheep?'s response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Gaku Uchida's last release was the album The Myth & i in 2003 on third Ear. The ep culled from that album has Recloose's remix of Earthborn.

The Radiation ep contains four tracks; Radiation 1 and 2, together with remixes by Kare San Sui Surrounding, another Why Sheep? moniker.

Kare-San-Sui Surrounding is a project aiming to create a relationship between people and sound from a new perspective. Kare-San-Sui Surrounding likens the handling of sound to the Japanese garden-making art of Kare-San-Sui, to create a sensorial garden of sound within public spaces. Radiation 1 and 2 Kare-San-Sui Surrounding remixes place the tracks Radiation 1 and 2 in a public space. Radiation 1 is suffocated by the intensifying sound of a Geiger counter, the instrument used to measure background radioactivity. Radiation 2 creates an idyllic garden setting with sound, probably a temple garden as we hear the sound of temple bells and the trickling sounds water. A sense of foreboding soon overshadows the idyll, with the sound of a huge drum, of rushing air and of the ground shaking. Overall the effect of these tracks, these sounds of radiation emanating and shrouding, leave the listener with a combination of a profound sense of unease and of supernatural power created through the exciting effect of wonderful sounds and arrangements.

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