EOMAC - Spectre

Ian is better-known as half of the Irish duo Lakker and this album is certainly carved from the same cold slab of stone. Bleepy, slo-mo synth lines, dense textures, saturated bassdrums and hand-sliced vocals dunked in cavern- ous reverb – Spectre is all about EOMAC doing what he does best, taking the concepts of club sound and contorting them into something that is truly his own.
The melodies are slo-mo and lo-fi, the pads, exquisitely lush and textured. Ian’s amazing sound-design and incredible attention to detail makes this an album where each listen reveals a deeper layer. Spatters of noise, shards of broken beat and relentlessly pounding techno rhythms also make it a dancefloor-decimating weapon.

2LP Killekill: Killekill018 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L