Frozen Souls Ep

Eomac - Frozen Souls Ep

''Frozen Souls' opens proceedings with the textural pads and kick drum creating their own static before being lifted into pastoral melodies and soundscapes. Colourful keys and bleeps intertwine in space, to the world of the frozen souls, subtle, powerful and beautiful. 'Heretic' heads straight for the dancefloor with distorted drums and rugged wild baseline that mutates and flips with modulation before the arpeggio fuelled melody oozes through with glacial qualities to chill with extreme precision. 'Frozen Souls' then gets the remix treatment from Ontal. The original is stripped back in true Ontal style, the drums are a heavy distorted techno workout, with dynamic use of the melodies to give the characteristics of Eomac's original. A powerful heads down remix from Serbia's finest. 'Charon' is a broken distorted beast that shows Eomac's love of early Warp Records and IDM. It has all the power of his techno but totally flipped into a more experimental realm. The twisted rhythms and mechanical noise textures grind and bang like a broken machine, while the pads and textures create an ethereal feel and harmonic cloud to float away on...''

12inch Inner Surface Music: Inner009 € 10,49