B. Riddim

Magic My Ear ep

B. Riddim - Magic My Ear ep

B.Riddim is Luis Sequeira, a Portuguese living in London. Magic My Ear is his second ep for Third Ear, following the (In) Theory ep in 2012. Formerly a driving force in the influential Portuguese rap group G-Ward under the name Bellatur, Luis followed his love of Jamaican Dub using electronics to arrive at a sound which is identifiable through the sum of its parts but which is quite unique. Music like this might reasonably be expected to come from Bristol, given Bristol's musical history. The 4/4 groove is slightly more emphasized here than the tracks on (in Theory) but it is a subtle pulse most of the time with the bass and drums providing the groove and the rhythms under cascading old-skool rave melodies and arpeggios, with live melodica played by Luis. Dub and psychedelic sensibilities are to the fore on Transformed Love and Magic My Ear, carefully controlled acid-house echoes through the towering bass and whiplash drums of Dropping Your Soul. Twisted electronica floats and weaves through the rolling bass of Left Side.

12inch Third Ear: 3eep201406 € 9,99