Those Guys

Love, Love, Love

Those Guys - Love, Love, Love

Teddy Douglas, DJ Spen and Maurice Fulton don their ''Those Guys''alias and invite Jean-Luc Ponty to jump head first into their sampler down in Baltimore to show some love, love, love and the result is this amazing 12'' originally released on Basement Boys Records in 1996. A truly deep beauty of a track that utilises Ponty's violin from 1983's ''Computer Incantations for World Peace'' to the absolute maximum in over ten minutes of building bliss, ''Love Love Love'' is an under the radar classic, a true gem and a real treat for all DJ's to play. The alternate mixes and bonus beats are also great, DJ Spen's ''Balto Doo Doo Mix'' for example, keeping it thoroughly B-More with the old school breakbeats and snatches of the original sample jumping through the mix from time to time make this an essential weapon in any record bag! This 12'' has been re-mastered and re-pressed in conjunction with The Basement Boys.

12inch Various UK re-releases: BBR006 € 9,99