Mouse On Mars

21 again

Mouse On Mars - 21 again

Mouse on Mars are a musical phenomenon. After two decades of constant innovation and reinvention, they have lost none of their might and magic. And, just like jazz musicians, the duo seems to be getting ever more seasoned, savvy and uncompromising. To celebrate their band history of 21 years and all those years of diverse musical activities, we are happy to present the “21 AGAIN Box Set” including milestones of Mouse on Mars' musical career. What's in it? * 21 AGAIN Collaborations A digipak double CD + booklet with 21 collaborations with befriended bands and composers, that displays Mouse on Mars' unconventional contexts and their restless curiosity in the infinite possibilities of idiosyncratic sound research. * Peel Sessions A 12” vinyl album with unreleased material and surprising versions of Mouse on Mars' songs compiled from their 90's John Peel BBC radio sessions. * 21 AGAIN Archive A digipak CD with unreleased gems from the group's DAT archives featuring material that was recorded even before their first album “Vulvaland”. *Paeanumnion A digipak CD + booklet with orchestral pieces composed by Mouse on Mars - a studio rework of their performances at Cologne Philharmony and Barbican London as well as sessions from their paraverse 4 studios and early demos. * 21 AGAIN book A softcover, +- 80 pages book in a 12'' format with texts from Barbican's Chris Sharp, CTM's Jan Rohlf, an extensive interview with the group plus unreleased photos and a diagram by media archivist Siegfried Zielinski. *Poster A hand drawn poster (60x60cm) by Siriusmo.

Box set w/ vinyl, CD's and book Monkeytown: MTR052BOX € 79,99
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