Das Ding

Why Is My Life So Boring?

Das Ding - Why Is My Life So Boring?

Great debut release for Electronic Emergencies hailing from Rotterdam! They present their first release, a new album of Dutch cold wave legend DAS DING: Why Is My Life So Boring? It's a brand new 10-track album, which sounds crisp and young in the club and mature when you play it at home. DAS DING has always had that certain thing; strict and detached beats combined with warm melancholic melodies, emotionally distant and intense at the same time. The sound is clearly analogue and very specific since Danny Bosten (DAS DING) rebuilds his vintage synths and builds his own sequencers and modular systems. The album was mastered by Alden Tyrell. It's the first album release of DAS DING after the brilliant '80s album H.S.T.A. on Minimal Wave records. Tip!

LP Electronic Emergencies: EE001rtm remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L