Chris & Nogi

Autumn Rituals and Refugees

Chris & Nogi - Autumn Rituals and Refugees

The first Electronic Emergencies release of 2021 is by Chris & Nogi, founders of the legendary Shoc Corridor. It reflects our love for minimal wave, simply called new wave back in the days.
Released as a 10-inch, 'Autumn Rituals and Refugees' consists of eight tracks taken from 4-track-cassette tapes recorded in 1985-1988. Three of these are collaborations with avant-garde voice artist Sharon Gal.
The original tapes, which had to endure a journey from London via Israel to South Africa, were beautifully restored by Ruud Lekx, who was able to retain the original sound and atmosphere.
The cover art of 'Autumn Rituals and Refugees' was designed by Niels Vrijdag, exhibiting the DIY-mentality and modern living-fantasy of the music from the eighties.

10inch Electronic Emergencies: EE034rtm € 11,99