Matt Warren

Rock The Nation

Matt Warren - Rock The Nation

''Rock The Nation'' is an ultra rare, obscure proto-House, Electro Rap cut from the very first wave of Chicago House, produced by Matt Warren and boasting a mix from legendary Hot Mix 5 DJ Kenny ''Jammin'' Jason. Released in 1985, it's staccato drum machine rhythms, boastful raps and loopy synth sounds touch on a cross section of musical influences that would have been the norm in Chicago at the time, traces of Kraftwerk, Italo Disco, Freestyle, Cybotron, Afrika Bambaataa and more are all present.

Released on the ultra small Alwan label, ''Rock The Nation'' is the perfect example of less is more, a raw bedroom jam that booms out of your speakers, tough beats paired with tough lyrical delivery. This rarity will appeal to House heads, Hip Hop fanatics, Italo freaks and Electro enthusiasts, a solid old school nugget that has never been re-issued or re-mastered in the 28 years since it's original release... Until now!

12inch Various UK re-releases: Alp101 remind