Etienne Jaumet

La Visite (remixes)

Etienne Jaumet - La Visite (remixes)

Jaumet is back, but not alone: he asked 3 artists to revise music from his latest album La Visite. On the A-side, we have a brand new band from Düsseldorf, called Die Wilde Jagd. We know those boys from their previous band Der Räuber und der Prinz, released on Desolat, which is a favorite from everyone at Versatile. They deliver a surprising mix of La Visite, in pure Kraut fashion. Neu is not that far... On the flip-side, the Frenchman Low Jack turns La Visite into a dub marshland, multilayered as is typical for Low Jack's music. And finally, Gilb'R delivers his own ambient version of one of the highlights of Jaumet's album; Midnight Man, a tribute to I:Cube who used to come to the studio at night.

12inch Versatile: Ver102 remind