D. Stop

Traitement de Choc

D. Stop - Traitement de Choc

Coldwave re-issue, 6 tracks on clear vinyl. Founded in september 1981 in Orléans, and originally dedicated to a kind of ‘modern punk rock’, D.Stop released a first 7’’ the following year. This impossible-to-find debut release is now reissued on vinyl for the first time. The three tracks of the original 7’’ are augmented with 4 tracks that are released on vinyl for the first time ever on this very nice clear vinyl10’’. After this first 7”, Sonny Brailleur (vocals) + Phil Lethon (guitar/bass) + Klod Lelook (organ, synths, drum-machines) , inspired by French band Metal Urbain, stylistically transformed into a more ‘synth punk’ kind of outfit and released their first mini-album Nouvelles du Front in September 1983 that has been reissued by desire on vinyl last September. One year after, the band already ceased to exist – or actually changed the name to Les Visiteurs du Soir – to turn back to the old name in 1985 by releasing a limited cassette. Despite the very few releases by this gifted act, D.STOP are considered to be one of the most interesting and under-rated cult acts in French Cold Wave.

10inch Desire: Desire124 € 19,99