Gesetz Der Oktaven

Semen Contra ep

Gesetz Der Oktaven - Semen Contra ep

"It's very direct, danceable club music, anchored stylistically between Electro, Techno and Industrial/NewWave, strongly influenced by '80s acts Liaisons Dangereuses, CH BB, sporadically, DAF and the Consumed /Concept period of Richie Hawtin." is how Hanno Leichtmann describes his new project Gesetz Der Oktaven. "The name 'Gesetz Der Oktaven' was chosen because I wanted something very German sounding, as we say 'sperrig', something technical, scientific. All the track titles are very old skool or obsolete studio/audio terms. "I wanted a completely new set-up, so I got a large Soundtracs desk from the 80s with 16 channels and, crucially 6 Aux Sends for effects." He continues, "The large number of aux sends was essential for the project. I used a drum machine, a MiniMoog sequenced by a TB 303, a vintage Drum Synth and six 6 effect combinations for the delay / reverb tracks. All very old-skool and in real time with no plugins. It took months of trial and error but the result is a very beautiful high-quality vintage studio sound."

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