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Kerrier District

Kerrier District 1

cover: Kerrier District - Kerrier District 1

Originally released in 2004 on Rephlex, Kerrier District’s debut has long since gone down as a classic album, a kaleidoscopic ride through Disco, Funk and MPC beats. The mastermind of Luke Vibert, the Cornish acid pioneer and grand exponent of mischievous electronic sounds under a variety of guises (including Plug, Wagon Christ and Amen Andrews), the Kerrier District debut has long been of print and circulation. This remastered repress faithfully re-creates the original 3LP vinyl set, and re-issuing CD & digital alongside a bonus disc/tracks that feature the second Kerrier District EP (‘2’, originally released in 2006).

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vinyl 3x12inch Hypercolour HypeLP006 in stock buy € 39.99