Sebastian Mullaert & Ulf Eriksson

The Dance Remixed 2

Sebastian Mullaert & Ulf Eriksson  - The Dance Remixed 2

Following the warm reception of The Dance 2xLP Album + live CD recording last year, Kontra-Musik now presents The Dance remixes The Dance Remixed 2 features an ever-growing remix by Efdemin - peak hour material without being boorish, just the way Kontra-Musik likes it. Wa Wu We and Voices From the Lake follow up with two tropical jungle expeditions: Wa Wu We's version of "Fusion" is feverishly humid and hot while Voices From the Lake takes the nocturnal route; brooding darkness, heavy rain and strange creatures of the night squirming away from the flashlight. Finally, Northern Electronics' own Ulwhednar (Abdulla Rashim & Varg) takes the listener to completely different latitudes with a hyperborean remix filled with chilling harmonies and gangrene-inflicted beats.

12inch Kontra Musik: KM048 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L