Serena Butler

Gynoids Dryads Swim Alone

Serena Butler - Gynoids Dryads Swim Alone

After a few months of silence following head honcho Marco Shuttle's "Sing Like a Bird (Reprise)" EP, Eerie Records is back on duty with a strong and utterly refreshing techno release by talented artist Serena Butler, an obscure producer digged out of the "submerged underworld" as it already happened previously on Shuttle's imprint that got us used to releases by relatively unknown and underrated artists.
Arpeggiated synth lines layered on booming reverbed kick drums mixed with percussive elements of distorsion and lush pads make for a very playable release that is at the same time dreamy and deep, despite being also very organically "open sounding", musical, and in many ways counter-trend and different to the dominating dark droning techno style that is so popular these days.

12inch Eerie: EE10 remind