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The Valley and The Mountain

Gentle Waters Keep Moving

cover: The Valley and The Mountain - Gentle Waters Keep Moving

Only a few nuggets of information exist on The Valley and The Mountain. They/he/she hail(s) from Detroit. Previous work has featured on labels like WeMe and Shipwrec. That's it. And the mysterious producer has been quiet of late, but the return is well worth the wait. Gentle Waters Keep Moving is the first full length outing from TVTM and their/his/her most absorbing work to date. Sharpened edges are rounded, 303 squawk softened and rhythms mellowed as ten tracks of melting music is served. The Detroit denizen calls on the sounds of the hometown. Techno is at the album's heart but frosted touches of electro are present, warming acid twangs, house grooves with all being dipped in a refreshing undercurrent of electronica. A collection of tracks that draws you in, deeper and deeper, with every listen. Barcode: 0617375986008.

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