The Valley And The Mountain

Outer Reaches

The Valley And The Mountain - Outer Reaches

Shipwrec continues to carve out its own sonic universe with this new EP from a mysterious Detroit outfit, The Valley And The Mountain (aka TVTM). The identities behind TVTM remain unknown, but they have released on Belgium's cult label WeMe and in 2013 surfaced with their Assembly Required EP. Across five cuts here they explore crunchy, richly musical ambient, electro and slo-mo techno. First is 'Uncharted Systems', a slow and meandering cut full of atmosphere and metallic synths. Acid lines, lazy claps and smeared pads all add to the sense of drama and its fair to say this is a hugely unique sounding track. 'Detxploit' then picks up the pace with tough arps, chattering clap and filtered vocal musings that walkabout Detroit as the tension builds and the electro vibes grow stronger. 'Chasing Magnetic Particles' is then a beatless, abstract bit of futuristic synth work with twinkles, breaking wave like sounds, pained lines and undulating modulations all stretching out for the duration. 'Rockfall' is a serene and bittersweet affair with crunchy drums, poignant, cutting chords and gurgling synths; a rusty coloured soundscape that makes you feel and think as much as dance. Lastly, 'Outer Reaches' is a downbeat brew of slapping drums and apocalyptic dark disco moods that, like the EP overall, is woozy and intoxicating.

12inch Shipwrec: Ship029 € 9,49