Li Garattoni

Find Out What I'm Dreaming

Li Garattoni - Find Out What I'm Dreaming

The new Private Records LP „Find Out What I’m Dreaming“ is a journey into the world of female cosmic energy. A feminine concept music production thought up by Li Garattoni. Beautiful downtempo synth pop with a lot of krautish psychedelic ingredients - originally released on the small German label „Software Music“ in 1982.
The outstanding song Dornröschen (Sleeping beauty) is definitely a top notch highlight for all collectors and DJ’s of deep high quality electronic music. Secure your 35 anniversary DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) audiophile pressing now - original 1982 vinyl records became unbelievable rare and selling for hundreds of euros on the collector market at the moment.

LP Private Records: 369.043 € 29,99