Recht Herzlich

Hab Mut Zu Deinen Lusten

Recht Herzlich - Hab Mut Zu Deinen Lusten

The burning hot minimal synth pop song „Gut Bewegen“ by Recht Herzlich was already released by Private Records on their sold out „Various – Computered Love“ vinyl limited edition compilation in 2016.

Now the whole 1982 album „Hab Mut Zu Deinen Lüsten („Have Courage To Enjoy Your Passion“) get's a well deserved re-release in april 2017.

The LP was originally released on the German „Reflektor Z“ label and is nowadays impossible to find. A dope electronic album that was almost entirely produced with a Roland 808 drum computer and musically ranging between minimal synth and instrumental Kraftwerk styled beats.

The lyrics by Vera Vanessa De La Palma pouring on the charm and playing around with a lot of equivocation. If you don't want to spend some hundred Euros for a first pressing get a copy of the limited repress!

LP Private Records: 369.045 € 24,99