Shtum 013

Lockertmatik - Shtum 013

Dresden's Lockertmatik starts his engines for the first time on shtum and delivers a string of tracks that seem to come from a not so far away dystopian future. Here are four tracks that are unpretentious but elaborate, effective but not overambitious.

''Break The Chains'' sets the bars in terms of dark Techno bliss for both basements and bigger dancefloors. On ''Message From The Underdog'' Lockertmatik shows off his knack for acidic perfection while ''Jaku'' gets the Jazz treatment. Finally, ''313 - 0351'' is all about building tension without losing one bit of impact on the dancefloor.

The artwork comes courtesy of Carl-Johannes Schulze.

12inch Shtum: Shtum013 € 9,99