Alejandro Mosso

Isolation Diaries

Alejandro Mosso - Isolation Diaries

Isolation Diaries is Argentinian producer Alejandro Mosso's 2nd album. It comes more than ten years after his debut, Hiperborea in 2005. He says "I think the album is warm, emotive and nostalgic but not dark nor sad. It is percussive and melodic but not laid back and Balearic. It is tribal and organic but still very precise", as only electronic music can be. The grooves are strong and infectious and the sounds are rich and satisfying, resulting in music that sounds very organic and unpremeditated. The album is accompanied by a Burnt Freidman remix of the track Isolation Diaries, and a Ricardo Villalobos remix of Deardrum.

2x12inch Third Ear: 3eepLP201702 € 8,99