Illum Sphere

Glass EP 2

Illum Sphere - Glass EP 2

Sphere’s 2016 album “Glass” was a focussed statement from the DJ and producer - a poised reflection on detachment and an assertion of his many talents. Now Glass has been reworked across two fresh 12” releases via Ninja Tune. For the second 12”, album cut ‘Red Glass’ is partnered with Hieroglyphic Being’s remix of the same track - following the release of his much sought after and critically acclaimed album for Technicolour Records, he provides a tranced out dispersion of the original. It shares it’s slab of wax with Beau Wanzer’s remake of ‘Fuel The Fire’ - the original becoming a stuttering, looping rhythm of brooding intensity. Limited to 500 copies and includes ‘Wounded’ Fotomachine Remix (digital download).

12inch Ninja Tune: ZEN12452 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L