Swarm Intelligence

Against the Dying Light

Swarm Intelligence - Against the Dying Light

Fear is the vilest of human emotions - it weakens and corrupts, leaving mistrust and paranoia in its wake. In Against the Dying Light, Swarm Intelligence embraces and wields fear, all the while breathing life into its rival: hope.
To explore these concepts, Swarm Intelligence turned to horror films for inspiration - choosing dissonance and atonality to create sinister and unsettling melodies, as well as Foley techniques to produce disturbing, unnatural sounds. The results are at times vicious and abrasive, at others acquiescent and almost mournful.
Swarm Intelligence's Against the Dying Light marks the first, full-length album on Voitax. With moments of seething tension, unrestrained fury and dejection, as well as glimmers of hope - this record may have its roots in industrial techno, but ultimately it defies classification.

2x12inch + Download Voitax: VOILP01 € 15,99