Swarm Intelligence


Swarm Intelligence - Ultraware

Employing a toolkit of cutting-edge DSP, Swarm Intelligence reimagines classic rave frameworks for dancefloors of the future. "Ultraware" traces a path through electro, big beat, jungle and acid - optimising and reconstructing until only fragmented traces remain.
Following up from his widely acclaimed "Against the Dying Light" album, this EP marks a new shift in the ever-evolving Swarm Intelligence sound. A relentless explorer of audio technology, here he utilizes spectral processing alongside convolution and granular synthesis to craft a gritty sonic repository for the four tracks.
Even in moments when the sequences disintegrate into chaos before reassembling into a coherent form, there is never a feeling that Swarm Intelligence is not in full control - this is an artist who thrives on complexity.

12inch + Download Voitax: VOI018 € 9,99