Trinidadian Deep

The Tribute Songs

Trinidadian Deep - The Tribute Songs

Trinidadian Deep returns on the legendary Shelter label for an EP of sun drenched, soulful sounds entitled 'Tribute Songs'. This EP marks the start of a new run of releases for the newly regenerated NY house label that has long been at the forefront of the deeper end of house and garage for over 2 decades. Trinidadian Deep's latest effort see 2 brand new cuts - 'Dear Owen' & 'Snake Hips' cover a wonderfully emotive and rhythmically driven pair of cuts that can work on the dancefloor at any time of the day or night! On 'Dear Owen' gorgeous melodic pads envelope around recordings of children playing far off in the distance, weaving guitars and live percussions drive us into a dreamlike state, a truly sublime and blissed slice of music indeed. 'Snake Hips' sees things move in a more stripped back, techy direction that still maintains the TD trademark deepness, a blend of detroit leaning synth notes and live cowbells combine to create a joyful mood that will undoubtedly take the dancers off into a new cosmos, heads down and hands up to the sky.

12inch Shelter records: SHL1068 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L