Mathias Schaffhauser

Raue Luft ep

Mathias Schaffhauser - Raue Luft ep

Mathias Schaffhauser, founder of German label Ware Records debuts on Third Ear with a 3-track 12". There is also a digital-only 12 Minus Grad original mix with beats. This is 'big-sky', expansive, driving Techno; even the beatless version of Grad Minus 12. Mathias Schaffhauser's Ware Records had a very recognisable sound. It was one of the defining labels of the Cologne Sound, most associated with Kompakt these days. But in the 90s and early 00s, Ware was as significant a label, especially for DJs. This release is very much a good example of THAT sound, still sounding fresh and bristling with good energy.

12inch Third Ear: 3eep201703 € 9,99