Mark Van Hoen

Playing With Time

Mark Van Hoen - Playing With Time

First time on vinyl reissue (previously CD only) of Mark Van Hoen's 1998 masterpiece presented on a deluxe 2LP. Playing With Time perfectly showcases the lush and deep environments that can only arise from Van Hoen (Locust, Scala, Seefeel). Melody Maker called it ''A Mesh Of Loveliness''. The Sunday Telegraph described it as ''The perfect, spacey chill-out album'', and The Sunday Times had this to say: ''A sound that at it's best has a positively spiritual quality about it''. Other accolades include Sleazenation - ''At the cutting Edge'' Computer Music ''A melange of jerky, cut-up sounds, stretched out ambience... that owes more to Far-Eastern music than to Steve Reich''. And lastly, HiFi World felt ''The sound scape is so deep and diverse that it's accessible to anybody into laidback beats and soothing, beautiful noise''. Contains a side long bonus track best described as a modal Eno-style classical ambient piece that was originally intended as a 'hidden' track at the end of the original 1999 CD release.

2LP Medical Records: MR-081 remind