The Final Experiment

Shed - The Final Experiment

Under the moniker Shed, Pawlowitz published three highly ambitious albums in which he defined his work more and more as his own way of musical narration. ''The Final Experiment'' is definitely the temporary highlight of this evolution. As musical work it does establish Shed conclusively as one of the most interesting and substantial electronic music artists of our time. It carries a vibe, that links Shed to other boundary breaking artists such as Ryuichi Nakamoto, Brian Eno and Carsten Nicolai. However, Shed found a way to develop a highly individual way of communicating electronic music, that is self-sufficient. “The Last Experiment“ is a mostly homogeneous piece of work, a meditation, where the stylistic confusion seems less important than then musical statement that it represents.

2x12inch Monkeytown: MTR069LP remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L