Freakthemachine (Hellboii en Mr. Lantirn)


Freakthemachine (Hellboii en Mr. Lantirn) - Panzerkreuz1035

The usufruct of co-produce,
Two exiles, 'Hellboii', from Bruxelles,
And 'Mr. Lantirn', 'ex-citoyen de la D.D.R.',
Plus Providence, perhaps, God knows
Washed ashore this Westland Wasteland
That still may be The Hague, still lost, thank God
Released, let loose from out of its cage,
Perhaps not just another man-machine,
Or 'just' industrial cooperation,
For most certainly industrial, not corporate
Coordination it may be! Yet human, still
Imperfect, heading for most perfect
Double-edged destruction of all man-made machine
To make all hit rock bottom,
For, oh, relentless shall its beating be,
Still right into your very heart
That simply must burn all out
Until its very core, the Soul of Man, perhaps
Survives the fire, its Formula One fullfilled, perhaps
Creation through destruction?
Now, hear, that palpitation!
Why, prey, 'tis still, yours, perhaps?...

12inch Panzerkreuz: Panzer1035 € 10,99