Group A

Circulation EP

Group A - Circulation EP

Kashual Plastik boss Herc E Rillen presents another handmade package, for the lucky few who leap on this new release, by Berlin based Tokyo outfit, group A. The limited edition comes in a black paper sleeve, with hand screen-printed artwork, housed in screen-printed thick card, with a central tie. Japanese experimental duo group A formed in 2012, comprising Tommi Tokyo (synthesizers, drum machines and vocals) and Sayaka Botanic (violin, sampler and cassette tapes). Their early shows came as a shock to most spectators, non-stop waves of avant-garde noise, poetry, and performance art, such as semi-nude live painting. They have self-produced/released 3 albums and a remix single by Tom Furse from The Horrors - their third album was later released on Mecanica Records) - and an EP last year on Mannequin. They played their first full European tour including TodaysArt, Soy Festival and RIAM in the autumn of 2015. Since early 2016, the duo has been based in Berlin where they are further developing their musical and visual materials. They have performed at the CTM Festival, Krake Festival as well as many other European Festivals such as OFF Festival, Donaufestival, Roskilde and Le Guess Who? ''Disobeyed Flute'', a pipe tone from a twilight valley, a summon to an unknown fate. ''Circulation'' is a damaged dalek, to a hobbled Moondogian tempo. ''Float'', ghostly keys emanate from the bottom of a well, seeps into some plucked strings and asian drum. ''The Devil to Pay'' invokes some hellish tableau, an eery chant, to the sharpening of some instrument of gore, backed by an oscillating helicopter synth. Consumer rocks along with a consistent rhythm, like a slowed down YMO, with whimsical klaxons in tow.

12inch Kashual Plastik: KASHUALPLASTIK006 store only