The Path Of Untitled Memories

EOC - The Path Of Untitled Memories

Katsunori Sawa returns to his EOC (Enormous O’Clock) alias for Mirae Arts. Hailing from Kyoto (Japan), Katsunori Sawa is the co-founder of 10 Label with techno producer, Yuji Kondo. Currently producing and performing as a solo artist as well as in collaboration with Yuji Kondo (as Steven Porter), Anthone (as BOKEH), and Chafik Chennouf (founder of Leyla Records). The Path of Untitled Memories is a project grounded in neon excess and delicate balance of modern conformity. Ceaseless wriggles beyond pleasures. Electro excursions for the curious minded.

12inch + Download Mirae Arts: MA003 € 10,49