Keith Tucker

Automaton EP

Keith Tucker - Automaton EP

Rocking minimal Detroit electro-techno tracks by DJ K-1 (AUX 88). Now available in the 2019 re-press!) --- ''Nemesis'' - An instant classic, which brings on Tucker's signature Electro/Techno beats (Aux88), a tough as nails funky bassline, and his trademark eerie strings. Robo-vocals recall us to remember that ''The future of the electro movement is upon us''... Believe it. ''Oscillator (bonus beats)'' - Brings us the perfect beat, a dramatic bassline, and swinging percussion attitude to the fold. Sure to be a hit with new ears as well as ''heads'' from its mid-90's release. Additionally brought to popularity in Detroit by WGRP TV's, ''The New Dance Show'', as a favorite go-to party recording. Made with the intent of DJ's, by a DJ. ''(Techno) On My Mind'' - Mind-bending arps and clicky pecussion shoot this off-world thumper into overdrive for your ears. While the relentless hard snare battles for attention against a triggered piece of electrofunk provided by a 'K-1' bassline, weaving itself around anything constant in the tune, listeners are guaranteed transport to a realm within an alternate universe and the urge to move their feet. A mental-mover, indeed.'' ---

12inch Puzzlebox: PBXC004 € 13,99