Optic Nerve

Optic Nerve meets Stand Ep

Optic Nerve - Optic Nerve meets Stand Ep

Optic Nerve and Strand define Detroit techno definitively and beautifully through their respective sense of dance from the Motor City. The 12 inch kicks off with the voice of Brian Bonds from Strand simply stating what you are in for and it is indeed a treat. The ''Optic Nerve Meets Strand'' opener is a mature track with all the colorful strings and funky bass the two groups have brought for over 20 years, ready for the dance floor. B side) ''Factor It N'' (Mix 1) is a Strand experiment filled with layered bass pads exploding through the speakers and is one of those rare tracks that leads you to listen to hear what comes next. ''Factor It N'' (K1 Mix) is Keith Tucker's electro persona bringing the electro heads to the dance floor with intricate, precise bass lines thumping within the beats and claps smacking you in the face.

12inch Puzzlebox: PBX033 remind