Deanne Day (Andrew Weatherall)

The Day After EP

Deanne Day (Andrew Weatherall) - The Day After EP

Here we are again, in the company of the beautiful Deanne Day, who even is she anyway? We've asked about but nobody seems to know. Apparently all she left behind were these couple of absolutely incredible audio artefacts that Andrew Weatherall and the Emissions Audio Output family felt they should share with us. This all happened in the mid 1990's here in London, and now, in 2019, the spotlight has swung back around on these beautiful nuggets of soul mined from the street corners of an East London long gone. Shifting, trippy, vocal driven and dubby minimal house jams are what's on offer here sir, sound good? You're in great company with this lot. Proper pre-millennium jams on this 12'', contemporary classics. These tracks sound like they've just been beamed down earlier this week and will still do ultimate damage inna dance, guaranteed.

12inch Mint Condition: MC028 remind