Two Full Minds

Michael's Path

Two Full Minds - Michael's Path

Part 2 of 2 - Two Full Minds are back, Bushwacka! & DJ Vorn dropped this incredible EP in 1996. It's very rare that you come across music from this time period that still sounds so very contemporary. Super original, amazing sonics, and guaranteed to smash out a dance, all of the cuts on 'Michael's Path' are insanely good. Chock full of sick drum programming, abyss-deep basslines and wigged out, spacey melodies these jams are here to stay... in your record bag! It's got everything you want really, it's the sound of truly original and underground heads doing their own thing. One can only imagine the impact these cuts had on the late 90's dancefloor?! Not sounding like anything else out there, even today.

12inch Mint Condition: MC031 remind