Oneohtrix Point Never

KCRW Session TX 23/10/18

Oneohtrix Point Never - KCRW Session TX 23/10/18

OPN’s Myriad Ensemble show their capabilities in re-interpreting studio material in these 4 tracks picked from a KCRW session recorded. Features ADR, Kelly Moran and Eli Keszler. Warp Records release WXAXRXP Sessions featuring ten specially selected sessions recorded for radio from across the history of the label, from the very early days right up to the WXAXRXP x NTS weekend. In the age of immediate, unelected, often low-quality rips of anything that is broadcast, these releases present each session in the highest quality adorned in beautiful packaging designed by Michael Oswell.

12inch Warp: WARPLP300-8 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L